Crowd Fighting

What is Crowd Fighting?

In Crowd Fighting, get ready for a heart-pounding multiplayer brawl that pits your rowdy team against hordes of opponents in an electrifying arena. It's a battle royale like no other, where the size of your crowd matters, and victory goes to the team that can outmaneuver and outfight the competition. You'll lead your group of fighters into intense and chaotic battles, where the goal is simple—survive and defeat as many opponents as possible. The larger your crowd becomes, the stronger you'll be, making it crucial to strategically maneuver and gather followers as you engage in relentless combat. Unlock new characters, discover power-ups, and master the art of crowd control as you fight your way to supremacy. Crowd Fighting offers a fast-paced and addictive multiplayer experience that will keep you coming back for more, as you strive to lead your rowdy crowd to victory and assert your dominance in the arena.